Where we are responsible for operating the network supplying gas to your property, you must contact us if you are planning to make any changes to your property that might affect your gas meter or gas service.

We can only connect to your property if we own the existing gas network in your local area, and your property is within 23 metres of our gas main. To find out who your transporter is, visit, contact us via the online form or call us on 01372 587 500.

If we own the nearest gas main and you need a connection to an individual property, we will be happy to give you a quote. Simply download and complete the New Connection Enquiry Form and then email a copy to or post it to our main office (you can find our address here).

Once you have appointed a UK-licensed supplier and set up a contract with them, we can connect gas to your property. For independent advice on selecting a supplier, visit Ofgem’s website here.

Our guide to new connections   View PDF

If you are looking to connect to more than one property, please visit our Utility Contractor page.

Moving your gas meter

If you are an existing ESP customer and need to move your gas meter for building work, please download and complete our Service Diversion Enquiry Form and then email a copy to or post it to our main office (you can find our address here).

Our guide on making changes to your gas service or meter   View PDF




Gas and electricity can be extremely dangerous, or even fatal, if you don’t follow safety procedures.

Always use a qualified engineer when carrying out any gas or electrical work in your home.

Only Gas Safe-registered engineers can legally carry out gas work at a property, including appliances, flues or pipework. To find or check a Gas Safe-registered engineer, go to or call 0800 408 5500.



If you are carrying out building or landscaping works near a gas installation, please obtain the utility plans before you start. For free plans of the utilities in the area, visit Linesearchbeforeudig and log in to make a request. Once you have them, download our guide for gas which set out best practice.

If a pipe is struck – even if you believe there is no gas leak – move away from the area as soon as possible and keep other people away if you can.

Call the National Gas Emergency Service 24 hours a day on 0800 111 999*.

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