Our standards of service

Electricity and gas

As a licensee under Ofgem for both the transportation/distribution of electricity/gas, we must comply with a set of standard conditions for each licensable activity. These standards guarantee a level of service we are reasonably expected to deliver in all cases.

If we regrettably fail to meet the required level of service, you may be entitled to automatic or claimable compensation.

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Ofwat regulates the water and sewage sectors in England and Wales and ensures we meet the government’s Guaranteed Standards Scheme (see ‘Our promises to you’ below). As part of our commitment to give you the best possible service.

We have introduced additional, enhanced standards as part of our commitment to giving you the best possible service. If we fail to meet these standards, you are entitled to an automatic or claimable compensation payment.

These documents set out the various standards we need to meet:


Working near our assets

We are committed to ensuring everyone working on our networks, or near our plant and equipment stays safe.

Before you start work, visit Linesearchbeforeudig and log in to request free plans of our assets and infrastructure in the area, including pipes, cables and equipment.

Make sure you also follow safe digging practices according to the Health and Safety Executive’s ‘Avoiding danger from underground services’ guide (publication HSG 47). Always assume utility plant and equipment is live.