Partnering with ESP for your water network adoption enables you to:

  • Maximise the value in your water and wastewater networks
  • Release additional value from water networks already under construction
  • Get design feedback and approvals measured in days not weeks or months
  • Vest sewers early with an easy, supportive adoption team
  • Get increased fairness and transparency in water/wastewater adoption

At ESP, we believe that you deserve transparency and certainty in every project. Our Water Team has a wealth of experience in both the water and construction industries, providing us with a unique perspective on the challenges you face as a developer.

Meet the ESP Water Team

As a NAV, ESP water will pay you for the adoption of your water network and work with you to facilitate the adoption and value engineer your network designs.

How we can help

Three easy ways to find out more about how ESP can help with your water project:

Request a direct adoption asset value

Receiving a quote from us is easy, simply complete our quote request form.

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Webinar: Reducing risk and maximising value through surface & waste water networks

27 June, 12:30 - 13:30

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Book a Meeting with a member of our team

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Our 4-step approach

With our four-step approach, we make utilities adoption hassle-free and transparent, ensuring that you receive the best possible experience. Our process involves:

Direct adoption asset value

We secure the Ofwat NAV license, optimise and approve designs

You build your networks

We pay you

What we bring to your projects

“ Contracting through the Network Adopting Agreement with ESP has been integral to the successful delivery of the first stages of Trafford Waters. With ESP’s expertise, we have been able to negotiate a complex agreement with Manchester Ship Canal for the discharge of surface water and have successfully value-engineered the utility networks to deliver overall project value. ”

Phil Kerridge
Project Director, Peel L&P

We help you to avoid the confusion and lack of transparency often experienced with water projects, which drive up costs and threaten your margins. Bringing to your projects:

  • Market leading asset values
  • Value engineering leading to cost reduction
  • No bonds, admin or inspection fees
  • Complete transparency
  • ESP are truly independent (we don’t have a construction arm), so you have a choice of contractors who can be appointed solely for the works that you are ready to commit to now
  • Fairness is built into our contracts, providing you with the certainty that you’re getting the best value despite potential future changes to a scheme
  • A team of industry leading experts who are always on hand to guide you through the process

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Join our June Webinar: Reducing Risk and Maximising Value Through Surface & Waste Water Networks

Thursday 27th June, 12:30 – 13:30

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