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ESP Utilities Group

ESP Utilities Group

Adopting and Operating Residential, Industrial and Commercial Energy Networks

ESP Utilities Group is one of the UK’s largest and longest established Independent Gas Transporters (IGT) and Independent Distribution Network Operators (IDNO). We own and operate gas and electricity networks and gas smart meters all over the UK.

We have over 650,000 customers connected on a variety of residential, industrial and commercial networks.

An experienced network owner and adopter for over 20 years.


ESP works with numerous Independent Connection Providers throughout the UK on sites ranging from LV (low voltage) to EHV (extra-high voltage). Together with our partners, we offer cost saving solutions to meet developer needs.


As an Independent Gas Transporter, ESP has the same statutory powers and obligations as the regional Gas Distribution Networks. We partner with many Lloyds accredited Utility Infrastructure Providers across the UK, delivering gas networks to new houses.


In April 2021, ESPUG launched ESP Water to operate under the New Appointment & Variation (NAV) process, to provide a full multi-utility offering to residential and mixed housing developments in England and Wales. ESP Water adopts new networks from accredited Self Lay Providers (SLPs), partnering to ensure the adoption of safe, quality networks.