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ESP Utilities Group

Winter Preparedness

Emergency power cuts are still unlikely this winter, but if they do occur you may lose power for typically around three hours once a day. However, depending on the severity of the scenario, power may be interrupted multiple times over the period of the event.

  • Not everyone in the country will experience a power cut. It may be around 5% of customers and it will depend on the emergency.
  • Not everyone will have a power cut at the same time. These will be spread out across the country to reduce disruption as much as possible.
  • By sharing power cuts around the country, we can reduce how much power needs to be generated and go back to normal quicker.
  • If you are on the Priority Services Register and your rota load disconnection group is called on in an emergency, you will experience a power cut along with the other customers in that group.

What can you do?

  • Find your block letter (and rota, when needed) at powercut105.com or by looking at the top of your latest energy bill.
  • Remember that, as well as your lights and power going out, your gas boiler, heat pump, broadband and home phone will not work without electricity. Mobile phone service will also be extremely limited and might drop out entirely.
  • It’s likely you and your neighbours will be without power together, but this won’t always be the case. In some cases, the way that houses on your street are connected to your local power network, may mean you are without power at a different time to those living nearby.
  • If you rely on electricity to power medical equipment and don’t know what would happen to your equipment in a power cut, you should speak to your healthcare provider now.
  • If you rely on electricity to power medical equipment, you should ensure your equipment and backup systems have been recently serviced and tested by organisation which supplied it.