Multi-utility adoption

We’ve partnered with utility contractors for over 20 years, providing competitive asset values and expert, tailored support and guidance. An asset value is a payment we make to our clients for adopting and operating the network.

As an asset adopter without a contracting team, our key partners are Utility Infrastructure Providers (UIPs) and Independent Connection Providers (ICPs). We’re dedicated to delivering and developing the best service for you, so we can grow together.

To ensure our adoptions are as quick and easy as possible, we now fully fund and manage our Land Rights process, saving our partners significant time and money. We also created our market-leading customer portal, providing full tracking and management for faster payment of asset values, while reducing admin to save you time.


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  Water & Wastewater

With the UK’s competitive water market, we can offer you an alternative to your current water company, including:

  • Clean water, wastewater and SuDs adoption
  • Sewer (foul and surface water) adoption
  • Flexible construction options
  • Long-term ownership of the network
  • Domestic customer billing
  • Cost benefits
  • Flexible approach to design
  • Faster response times

Sustainable urban drainage systems explained


As an Independent Distribution Network Operator (IDNO), we work with national electricity registration scheme-accredited ICPs to adopt, own and maintain low voltage (LV) to extra-high voltage (EHV) networks. Ranging from residential, industrial and commercial to electric vehicles, we provide:

  • Technical support from design to installation
  • Fully managed legal process
  • Competitive asset values through our market-leading customer portal
  • Tailored solutions


As one of the UK’s largest Independent Gas Transporters (IGTs), we work with gas industry registration scheme-accredited UIPs to adopt, own and maintain residential, industrial, and commercial gas networks.
We offer:

  • Competitive asset values through our market-leading customer portal
  • Smart metering adoption
  • Technical support from design to installation
  • Fully managed legal process

Benefits of working with us

As a multi-utility company, we offer an experienced and expert alternative to traditional utility network connections.

Via earlier engagement, we can create cost-effective, optimised designs and support you with your load requirements. Our dedicated team is also always on hand to help ensure the build and adoption process runs as quickly and smoothly as possible.

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Asset value quote request

If you are already one of our partners, you can get asset values for certain sites by logging in to our customer portal. To request a quote for a larger site, or if you’re having trouble logging in, please call us on 01372 587500.