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ESP Utilities Group

New Connections/Alterations

Where ESP is responsible for managing the network supplying gas or electricity to your property, you need to contact us if you want to make any changes. This is a simple and straightforward process.

When we provide a connection to your property, you’re not tied to buying your gas or electricity from a particular provider. You will need to enter into a contract for your energy supply with one of the UK’s licensed suppliers. For independent advice on how to obtain a supplier, click here to visit the Ofgem website.

New Gas Connections

ESP is only able to offer connections to individual properties if we own the existing gas network in the local area, and the property lies within 23 metres of the gas main. You can find out who your transporter is by visiting www.findmysupplier.energy, alternatively you can contact us via the online form or call us on 01372 587 500.

If the nearest gas main is owned by ESP and a connection is required for an individual property, we will be happy to provide a quotation for these works, simply download the New Connection Enquiry Form, complete it and post it to our main office or email a copy to newconnections@espug.com.

Guidance notes relating to New Connections are available here.

If you are looking to connect more than one property, please visit our Utility Contractor page.

Gas Service Diversions

If you are an existing ESP customer and require your gas meter to be moved due to building works being undertaken, please download our Service Diversion Enquiry Form , complete it and post it to our main office or email a copy to meterworks@espug.com. Please take a look at our Gas Service Pipe Alteration Guidance Note here for advice on alterations to your gas service or meter.

Electricity Supplies

If you have a new property that requires connection to an existing ESP network then please contact us with the details of the property, connection voltage and the maximum demand required.

We will review your application, and provide advice on next steps. ESP operates efficient, co-ordinated and economical networks and will review each application on an available load specific basis.

If you have an existing connection on an ESP network and require a service to be repositioned, or an upgrade to the existing supply, then please contact us with the full property address, the Meter Point Administration Number (MPAN) found on your electricity bill, and details of the requested alterations. We will then contact you to discuss the options available.

If you already have a Smart Meter installed, you should be aware that moving the Smart Meter to a new location (via a service alteration request) may cause the wireless connectivity to be lost. If this happens, your energy supplier may need to undertake additional work to re-establish the connectivity. There may be additional charges from your energy supplier associated with this. If you are proceeding with a service alteration request with us, we advise that you also contact your energy supplier to discuss your plans with them.

Contact Us

We like to hear all types of feedback from our customers as it helps us to know what we’re doing right, and what we need to improve.

If you have any feedback, or have an enquiry, please contact us via the online form, email Customer Services or call the mainline number.

ESP Utilities Group Ltd
Bluebird House
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Surrey KT22 7BA


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