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Basic Information


Is the road under private ownership?
Do you have a shared driveway?

Property Details

Type of Property
Type of Building

Service Route & Surface Types

Surface Type

Meter Location & Type

Meter Location
Meter Type

Scope of Work

Are you able to provide:

Excavation, Backfill & Reinstatement
Perforated Ducting

Expected Usage

Usage Type
Hot Water

Proposed Meter Location

Please provide sketches or photographs of the proposed meter location.

Your sketch should include the following:
1. The name of the road and the road connected to it
2. Possible obstructions such as trees or drain covers
3. Property boundary lines
4. Proposed new meter position (with an M)
5. Your property in relation to neighbouring properties

Please Note:

• ESP will not lay service pipes under buildings

• Wherever possible, the service route will take the shortest, most predictable route from the gas main to terminate at the meter box.


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