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ESP Utilities Group

Industrial & Commercial

Providing secure, innovative and flexible solutions as an alternative to traditional approaches for network connections.

ESP Utilities Group has a wide variety of live electricity industrial and commercial networks, ranging from LV (low voltage) to EHV (extra-high voltage) across the UK. We understand that each connection is different and requires a tailored approach to ensure the right solution is reached.

By engaging with ESP early you can gain our assistance with load requirements and cost-effective, optimised designs.

We have a dedicated team to ensure we’re on hand throughout the build and adoption process to avoid delays.

We provide:

  • Flexible, robust designs
  • A service that’s designed to support project delivery
  • Fast responses to support your timeframes
  • Feasibility planning, including load assessments, connections sizing and network routes
  • Actively managed capacity charges to benefit your operational costs

Benefits of working with ESP

Service that meets your needs

Early support to identify load requirements

Availability charges actively managed to minimise your operational costs

Low cost, solution based designs

Fast response times

We’re not limited by outdated processes

100% focused on getting you connected

The safe, secure option

ESP has the same statutory powers and obligations as a DNO (as licensed by Ofgem)

We only adopt from Lloyds accredited NERS Independent Connection Providers (ICPs) to ensure networks are built to a high standard and are fit for purpose

ESP are backed by 3i Group (UK listed FTSE 100 infrastructure investment fund) and together with Ofgem’s stringent licensing requirements, this means our business is secure and well-funded now and into the future

We also adopt gas industrial and commercial connections. Please get in touch using the contact form at the bottom of this page for more details.

Contact Us

Please contact us via the online form below, or call the mainline number.

ESP Utilities Group Ltd
Bluebird House
Mole Business Park
Surrey KT22 7BA


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