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ESP Utilities Group

About ESP

ESP Utilities Group is one of the UK’s largest and longest established Independent Gas Transporters (IGT) and Independent Distribution Network Operators (IDNO), which means we own and operate gas and electricity networks, as well as gas smart meters.

We have over 650,000 customers, connected on a variety of residential, industrial and commercial networks across the UK.

As a network owner and operator, we are responsible for maintaining the network, and repairing any faults that cause interruptions to supply as quickly and safely as possible.

ESP does not build new networks, instead we adopt them from accredited Utility Infrastructure Providers (UIPs) and Independent Connection Providers (ICPs), partnering to ensure the adoption of safe, quality networks.

With 20 years’ experience in the industry, ESP’s leadership team have instilled a customer – centric culture in the business. We take great pride in ensuring we deliver and develop the best possible service for those that live and work on our networks.

The utility construction partners that we work with in adopting newly constructed networks rely on us to provide support, technical guidance and investment to deliver for their client.


January 2000

East Surrey Holdings establishes ESP and obtains IGT licence.

October 2003

ESP acquires the IGT assets of United Utilities PLC.

May 2005

In collaboration with Terra Firma, ESP acquires British Gas Connections Limited under the ESP Connections licence.

October 2005

ESP becomes the first asset adoption only IGT in order to support the newly emerging GIRS Accredited UIP market.

July 2006

Terra Firma sells ESP to ABN AMRO Infrastructure Capital Equity Fund for £225 million. (subsequent MBO to Eiser Infrastructure Limited)

February 2008

ESP acquires Laing O’Rourke Energy, a licenced Independent Distribution Network Operator.

May 2008

ESP wins the Leadership Award at the IGEM Gas Industry Awards.

July 2011

ESP completes its first full gas smart metered site. Many thousands more have subsequently been fitted as part of the smart meter roll out.

October 2013

ESP acquires the IGT assets of Fulcrum, which includes both domestic and commercial gas connections.

July 2016

ESP is nominated and subsequently wins an award at the ‘Surrey SuperGrowth Awards 2016’.

June 2017

ESP is acquired by a fund managed by 3i who are a leading international investment manager focused on mid-market Private Equity and infrastructure. With its head office in London, its core investment markets are northern Europe and North America.

June 2018

ESP Electricity is recognised as Surrey’s fastest growing company at Surrey Super Growth Awards.


ESP is now the second largest IGT and IDNO in the UK with over half a million connections and growing.